The LORD Almighty has given us a vision to teach the undiluted word of God aimed at helping people to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus, grow into Him in all things and become all God wants them to be. To achieve this goal, we employ different means as well spelt out in our assignment (See our assignment link).

If the LORD is laying it on your heart to support us in the pursuit and realization of this vision, we shall be pleased to receive your donations. As Peter and his men beckoned on their partners (Luke 5:7), we beckon on you to support this vision with your prayers, finances, expertise and other God-given resources. Your reward is guaranteed; your harvest shall surely come (Genesis 8:22; Philippians 4:18-19).

We thank you sincerely in anticipation of your generous gifts. Our God will reward you abundantly.


If you’ll like to be our financial partner, kindly find below our bank details for your gift.

Account Name: Cedar Ministry International
Bank: Heritage Bank
Account Number: 6001608129

We shall appreciate if you will also send us a message giving us necessary information so that we can promptly acknowledge receipt of your gift. You’re blessed in Jesus’ name.